The Power of Love


The Power of Love
2012 Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Adam Killian, Chris Crisco, and Michael Lucas
Starring: Rafael Carreras, Mitchell Rock, Vito Gallo, Alex Marta, Will Helm Tony Axel, Michael Lucas, Mathew Mason,
Trenton Ducati and Jonathan Agassi.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      We are still in the Greek Countryside with Lucas Entertainment. So how do you make a movie when you take hot porn
stars on vacation? You put them in a beautiful house and give them plenty of time to get tan! First up we have lovers Rafael
Carreras and Mitchell Rock we are out laying by the pool and once in the pool they get naked and the sucking and fucking
starts (with the Greek countryside in the background)! After swimming in the Aegean Sea, Vito Gallo and Alex Marta get out
and have the most amazingly shot scene...oh do they get naked and fuck. Tony Axel and Will Helm take their bed out by the
pool and get naked (don't you love outdoor sex by the pool and an amazing view). When we go indoors we have Michael Lucas
(have not seen him in a while) getting naked by candle light with Mathew Mason. It's no secret who is going to get fucked and
Lucas enjoys every single pump that he puts into Mason's ass. Last but not least are Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati who
find this amazing almost private grato sex. This movie has the most amazing scenery and you are going to want to go on a vacation
to find these spots and recreate this movie.
 3.85 Stars!