The Pack


The Pack
2014 NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Cam Christo, Seven Dixon, Marcus Isaacs, Blue Baily and Rafael Alencar
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Cam Christo is lost in New York (and on the subway) and Leo Forte and Blue Baily are horny and going home to get naked.
Do you keep lube in your kitchen in case you want to have sex? After Baily has his way with Forte, it's Forte's job to get Baily
on all fours and fuck him. Boomer Banks has a gear fitting and everyone knows you get naked when Seven Dixon is doing the
fitting! Remember readers, Banks and Dixon radiate heat and in seconds Dixon is on his knee's with Banks in his mouth (ouch).
I am always impressed when anyone can sit on Bank's dick, but Dixon will actually say fuck me while it's happening. One of the
things I was so looking forward to in this movie is the return of Rafael Alencar to the Mr. Pam family! Alencar and his large dick
did not disappoint... Alencar and his large dick with Marcus Issacs' lucky mouth. Well it's time for Cam Christo to earn his place
in The Pack and say what he wants in New York. I think it means Christo gets to be the cast's bottom bitch as they put on one
hell of a group scene at The Black Party. This group scene has ass eating, dick sucking, fucking, spitting in mouths all with disco
balls and dance music. From what I could tell, I think everyone in the cast got a piece of Christo's ass. This past July, I ran in to
Boomer Banks and all he could do was talk about "The Pack" and had I seen it yet. Well Mr. Banks, you are correct... this group
scene is the best one I have seen so far this year and "The Pack" will be at the 2015 Grabbys!
 3.95 Stars!