The Mix


The Mix
2013 Nakedsword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Christen Wilde, Felix Warner, Race Cooper, Blue Bailey, Jake Farren, Angel Rock, Conner Maguire and Conner Habib
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Boyfriends Christian Wilde and Felix Warner are getting married, and after two years of being together, they think it's time
for their friends to meet each other. Don't worry, Wilde fucks Warner's tan ass silly before the guests arrive. So first in the pool
is Angel Rock and Jake Farren, and first with his cock out is Blue Bailey. Rock and Farren are naked and liking each other on
the side of the pool and you know when Rock starts eating ass who is doing the fucking (Rock always is doing the fucking). I will
say Rock cums buckets! Now the plot thickens when the evil Race Cooper drugs Christian Wilde (what is he up to?). Well Bailey
doesn't like it when he finds out that Wilde was drugged so he drugs Cooper (but what ever drug he was given he'll be able to fuck
and be fucked). Now is Conner Maguire's turn to drug Conner Habib. Well the drugs kick in and Maguire takes Habib to the
woods to get naked. If you like a movie with a happy ending, sexy guys and lots of cum, then you need to see The Mix.
 3.9 Stars!