The Layover


2017. NakedSword
Directed by Brent Corrigan
Starring: Brent Corrigan, Jack Hunter, Sean Duran, Calvin Banks, Dominic Pacifico and Dorian Ferro

   Do you travel a lot for your job? What do you do in your spare time? Go to a movie, a good meal, sightsee? Let’s be honest:
You want to get laid. Mickey Taylor is in Vegas and instead of going to see a show, he decides to get naked with Brian Bonds.
Back at Bonds’ place, the guys are sucking face and licking on each other. All I can think is these guys are both versatile, who
is going to top? Once Bonds starts munching Taylor’s ass, I think we have the answer, we have a winner:  Bonds! Wait, wait  –
we have a flip – Taylor wants a piece of Bonds’ hot ass. Next we meet up with Michael Roman who is getting back from a flight
when he meets up with Jason Vario (these guys are hot and are going to have man sex!). When they get back to a room, they
get naked in record pace. After some kissing and sucking, it’s Roman with a tongue up his ass and shortly a dick. I was impressed
by the amount of cum coming out of Vario. We are in a new city with the horny Mickey Taylor where he meets up with Colton
Grey (nice dick) and they go back to a hotel room and Colton is the first with his dick out and Taylor likes sucking on it. Grey is
the one butt-up and likes Taylor’s dick up his ass. In Puerto Vallarta, we find Alessandro Haddad [woof] who goes to his layover
trick Mateo Drego’s place. The guys get naked fast and after some kissing and sucking, it’s Haddad with his legs in the air and a
dick up his ass.

 3.7 Stars!