The Last Rose


The Last Rose
2018. NakedSword
Directed by mr.Pam
Starring: Ryan Rose, Alam Wernik, Serge Cavalli, Adam Archuleta, Andrei Karenin, Jon Kael, Joaquin Arrenas and
Damon Heart

   Ryan Rose (in his alleged last movie) is tormented by an uncertain future, so what is a guy to do? Follow his Instagram
obsession Alam Wernick (I understand) to Prague (yay – vacation porn!). Through the lens of his camera, Rose stalks young
blond Wernick and finds some very hot sexy men on the way. Rose has made it to Prague and is roaming the city and taking
pictures when he meets Damon Heart. After Rose takes some pictures of Heart, they go for a drink (shocked face). Well, Rose
and Heart don’t hook up but Serge Cavalli and Heart go to the back of the bar so Heart can start sucking dick and Heart
does an amazing job eating ass. Now don’t worry about Heart – he gets his dick sucked before Cavalli starts bouncing on it.
After Heart fucks Cavalli every which way and then some, I am shocked and happy to say they flip and Cavalli fucks Heart
(hot). Later that day, Rose finally sees Wernik and starts stalking him and watches him pick up Adam Archuleta and take
him home. Rose is getting creepy and goes to the room across the street from Wernik/Archuleta and starts taking pics of the
(Wernik and Archuleta put on a good show). Wernik must like putting on a show because he starts sucking on Archuleta’s
really nice dick in the window (makes it easier for Rose to watch). Wernik and Archuleta both have amazing asses but
Wernik’s ass is made to get fucked and it does! After watching from the window, Rose has to rub on out thinking about
Wernik and it’s hot. Wernik meets up with his friends Joaquin Arrenas, Jon Kael and Andrel Karenin. Rose is still stalking
them when they are playing around a cemetery when Rose hits his head and has the fantasy of my lifetime. Rose wakes up
naked with Areanas, Kael and Karenin naked and hard above him which means some of the hottest sucking and licking
before Rose fucks each of the guys (see you at the Grabbys for this scene). Once Rose is back in his hotel room, he gets the
note from Wernik and it finally time for sex! If this truly is Ryan Rose’s last movie (we hope not), he is going out on top
giving one of his best performances ever!

 3.95 Stars!