The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody


The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody
Directed by Alter Sin
Starring: Johnny Rapid, Pierre Fitch,  Jessy Ares and Gabriel Cross

Here is the deal: Johnny Rapid is the Flash and everyone wants to know what makes him so. He goes to doctor Gabriel
Cross (miscast because he looks like he is old enough to be a freshmen in collage at the most). Dr. Gabriel Cross goes in for
a kiss, but a blowjob will have to come first. What I found interesting was that the Flash (Rapid) is too fast to wear underwear.
What is also interesting is that a) the Flash likes a blowjob and b) the Flash does not cum fast! What we find out next is the
Flash likes sucking dick but he likes when a Dr. Cross bounces on his dick more! After the Flash solves another crime, he is
back to the doctor’s office and this time, it’s to meet the über sexy Pierre Fitch and let’s say he likes sucking Flash dick. After
the guys take turns sucking on each other, it’s Rapid who is fucking Fitch and lucky for us and Fitch, he takes his time. So
former wheelchaired good guy Jessy Ares is now on his feet and thinks he can beat the Flash. Really, Ares he is the Flash.
What does the Flash want to do? He wants to suck some Ares dick! The Flash has to take the Flash suit off because he wants
Ares to suck his dick and dick-sucking leads to the Flash getting the shit fucked out of his ass. FYI, the Flash is a shooter!

 3.8 Stars!