The Dom


The Dom
2012 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Trenton Ducati, James Ryder, Jake Genisis, Derek Parker, J.R. Bronson, Franco Ferrari, Jimmy Durano, Jordano
Santford, Mitch Vaughn and Tate Ryder
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      This movie starts by showing us some of the biggest butt plugs I ever want to see. We now break away to see the very sexy
J.R. Bronson getting his butthole ready for some action (it's hot). In comes Franco Ferrari and he puts on some industrial gloves,
gets the potion (OK looks like soft Crisco) and what looks like a turkey baster and loads it up to insert it into Bronson's ass. I
guess this means it's going to hurt (so good). First thing in is four fingers, second thing in is a big dildo, third thing in is a bigger
dildo and Bronson is told to sit on it all the way down (and he does). At this point Ferrari is harder than hard, but by the time
Bronson finally sits on Ferrari's dick all I could think is can he even feel it?! Hot is James Ryder locked in a cage, hotter is Trenton
Ducati in a mask and metal cod piece and Ducati having James Ryder licking his boots! The highlight for me of this couple is
Ducati fucking James Ryder while holding on tight to Ryder's leash and just pulling him back in again and again. Next up is Tate
Ryder locked up with a muzzle on and being taunted by Jake Genisis. He plays with Tate's cock and then starts tasting the head of
it...all Tate can do is take it. Things really getting going when Derek Parker comes in and they both take turns fucking Tate. The
scene with Jimmy Durano and Mitch Vaughn is very hot and sexy, but I will never be able to describe it for this scene alone makes
this movie (it's hot and shot amazingly). You are going to want to get naked and fuck in the rain. This movie is hot, sexy and we'll see
you at the 2013 Grabbys!
 3.95 Stars!