Golden Gate: The Cover Up


Golden Gate: The Cover Up
2013 Naked Sword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring:  Christian Wilde, Austin Wilde, J.D. Phoenix, Dale Cooper, Tommy Defendi, Logan Vaughn, Logan Stevens and
Caleb Colton
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     Well readers, it's time to go back to San Fran for Season 5 of the Golden Gate series at NakedSword. Have you ever been in
the Castro when a naked person walks by? Well, not everyone likes it and some are fighting back and NakedSword is getting us
involved and bringing the story to us. Nudist Logan Stevens is arrested by cop Caleb Colton and before they go to jail they go to
his police truck and get naked. Now what I didn't see coming is Colton getting fucked by Stevens (and I liked it) and Colton saying
"fuck my ass" is hot! And what's a trip to San Francisco without a trip to Nob Hill? Tommy Defendi went and has a hot group
scene with 5 other guys (a group scene with more than three guys...this is a big budget movie!). Now the sizzling part is when all
the guys cum on Logan Vaughn while Defendi fucks him. Then the mean and evil Austin Wilde is black mailing ex-hooker
Christian Wilde and that means they will be getting naked. The highlight of this scene is watching these two tops flip fuck (Austin
Wilde needs to get fucked more often). This is a very good movie with some real hot sex...all I can say is I hope there is a Golden
Gate Season 6!

 3.95 Stars!