The Chosen Few


The Chosen Few
2018. Nakedsword
Directed by mr.Pam and Trenton Ducati
Starring Alam Wernick, Logan Moore, Dante Colle, Michael DelRay, Jacob Peterson, Arad Winwin and Danny Gunn

   FYI, this movie has a plot! Everyone in South Beach wants to be a part of The Chosen Few, an exclusive group of the
hottest men that are selected by Logan Moore [woof] to live at his private estate. Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay are tempted
by a lavish lifestyle and endless hours of sex and head to Logan’s boat and head to paradise. Logan and his boat, the No
Vacancy come and pick the guys up. When the guys arrive at the house, they are greeted by Arad Winwin (hot) and two
large guard dogs. Once they went inside the house. Gunn and DelRay are impressed; they see Jacob Peterson in cock-a-licious
swimwear. Once Moore comes in for a chat, the sexy and naked Alam Wernick [yummm] walks by on his way outside where
he finds Dante Colle; did I say Wernick is now hard as a rock? At the pool, we now find Colle and Wernick taking turns
sucking on each other with Moore watching . Once the guys cum, we find Wenick (sexy tease) still naked in the kitchen eating
an ice cream cone and rubbing it all over his chest when Gunn and DelRay walk in, but the guys are new so they leave. In
another part of the house, we find a horny naked Moore who wants a tongue up his ass and Colle is the man for the job! I
have to say this Moore really likes his ass munched on (major) so it was no shock when Colle gave Moore a major pounding.
In another part of the house, we find out that DelRay has a horny hair up his butt and Jacob Peterson is going to scratch it.
After some licking and sucking, there is no shock DelRay was going to be fucking Peterson. Back at the pool, we find Wernick
who seems to be looking for trouble. So he goes by the boat and he finds Winwin, who seems to like it and they start making
out on the boat and when Wernick gets naked and Winwin starts sucking dick that boat is a rockin’. The guys go inside the
boat because Wenick needs his ass majorly played with (Wernick is a dog in heat!) and when they fuck, it’s every which way,
but its major when Wernick starts bouncing. When Winwin finally cums, it’s a major turn-on watching him lick it up. After
all the guys are socializing, we find Moore and Wernick on the patio making out when a naked and erect Danny Gunn (finally
Gunn gets some action), joins the couple and when Gunn and Wernick are sucking and licking Moore’s dick; you might want
to cum or at least wish you were Moore. The fantasy is complete when Moore goes back and forth fucking the guys. It’s sad
when all good things have to come to an end – Delray and Gunn had to leave. Wernick is a hot and horny guy whom I can’t
wait to see more of!

 3.85 Stars!