Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear
2013 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi Larue
Starring:  Christopher Daniels, Dirk Caber, Alessandro Del Toro, Trey Turner, Josh Long, Brad Kalvo, C.J. Madison and
Johnny Hazzard
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Over the last few months, I have heard a lot about this movie. No one would tell me anything, so going into this movie
I assumed we would have some naked hairy men. But watching the very sexy Christopher Daniels talking to his teddy bear
and saying why can't I find a man like you teddy, this is going to be interesting! Then to have Daniels rubbing one out with
teddy in his arms and the then kissing the bear...this is a new kind of kink. The unfulfilled Daniels runs into Dirk Caber and
Alessandro Del Torro and informs him they are sorry for all the noise they are going to make (and they are loud fuckers).
Poor Daniels, everyone but him is having sex and this time it's the beefy Brad Kalvo (shave your back) and Trey Turner who
like each other...a lot! Well Daniels is asking his friend Johnny Hazzard for some help and all I can say is Johnny sucks at this
friend thing when he wants Josh Long dick up his ass. Now this is where it gets interesting because Teddy comes to life as C.J.
Madison and Daniels fucks him silly. The sad news is that I understand Daniels and Teddy broke up last summer. This movie
will make you giggle but it will also get you off.
 3.85 Stars!