Tayte Hanson     Photos Courtesy of Cockyboys.com

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Tayte Hanson: I was go-go dancing at a club in NYC and RJ Sebastian approached me one night while they were
filming Project GO-GO Boy and asked if he could film me dancing. I said yes, as long as he didn't shoot my face.
After he finished, JJ approached and asked if I had interest in filming for Cockyboys, which I turned down. I had
no contact with the company until 3 years later when I saw Levi Karter dancing at a club and started talking to him.
I had a reason to start in the industry at that point and soon contacted JJ and we set up a meeting which led to the
T.O: What was your first day on the set like?
T.H: I was incredibly nervous – I barely slept and felt like I was going to throw up. After Levi brought a plate of
fruit into set and started cracking jokes with RJ (who quickly turned Britney on the radio), I began to relax and
enjoy myself.

T.O: Who was your first scene partner?
T.H: Levi Karter! The award winning porn star himself and it was...intimidating...to say the least. The boy definitely
knows how to do good work. I look back on it now and feel so lucky to have had that start.
T.O: I have to say congratulations on winning Newcomer of the Year at the Cybersockets, what was it like when
you won?
T.H: Thank you! It was overwhelming and unexpected. I came into the industry with the hopes that maybe I'd make a
splash and I had even told JJ it'd be awesome to win an award or two, but the reality of it was never present until they
called my name. It was so incredibly special to be able to stand in front of all those people and say the things that have
been on mind and to receive the honor of even being nominated!
T.O: Let’s be honest, you have a really nice penis, when did you first realize you got a good one?
T.H: Well, again, thank you! I, truthfully, never thought I had a nice penis until I got into porn and people started saying
so. I always felt it was pretty average!

T.O: First person you had sex with, was it a boy or a girl?
T.H: A girl! I was VERY young and we had sex in her family’s chicken coup! I had sex with my first boy when I was
13 and it was on a pool table.

T.O: You are in really good shape, what is your workout routine like?
T.H: It varies depending on my mood! I am a trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in Manhattan (my nickname is the uni-porn –
for three specific reasons) and so a lot of my current routine are classes there: primarily kettle bell work. I do still dance
about 4 days out of the week so there is that also!
T.O: You are in the amazing Answered Prayers and they give you a hair cut in the movie, did you get paid more for
the hair cut?
T.H: Not one penny more, but that is more than okay. It was understood for a while between JJ and I that the hair would go
when the time was right. Releasing my hair for that particular work was such an honor and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
T.O: What is it like working with the very talented Jake Jaxson as a director?
T.H: It changes by the day. JJ is such a special, artistic creature and, therefore, needs time, energy, and focus to hone
his craft (which is quite a spectacular thing to watch). I am an extremely timely, driven individual and so often it is hard
to sit back and remain patient for his spark to ignite, but when it does it is a fire that seems unstoppable. I have enjoyed
allowing myself to be vulnerable for him, it doesn't happen often, but when an individual comes across such talent it is
important to know when to release themselves and be free to be consumed by the flame.
T.O: How many movies have you made so far?
T.H: I'll assume we are talking in the adult industry which total 11 thus far! It's amazing what can be done in 9 months!
T.O: What can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
T.H: I have tons of exciting new work premiering through Cockyboys and I just wrapped on a feature film that will premiere
at a handful of festivals this year. I'm producing a live show in NYC this year which will start to merge my dance world and
my adult world, and I just finished the final page on my book so that will be starting in the publishing stages. And a few more
other really exciting projects including the debut of my SMART sex program!!

T.O: Best way for your fans to keep up on all things Tayte Hanson?
T.H: The number one best way to check up on all aspects of my world is through my website TayteHanson.com – it's a direct
portal to all of my social media, my blogs, my online store, all upcoming news including info on my new book, and all of my
links to my work at Cockyboys.com! 
T.O: I have a feeling that you are going to be nominated for a GRABBY or two this year, will we be seeing you in Chicago
this Memorial weekend?
T.H: Well, none of the nominations have thus far been released so it'd be silly for me to assume anything. Though I'd love
nothing more than a handful of nominations – if there are nominations with my name on them you'll definitely be seeing me there!

This article ran in the March 10, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.