Taxman Cumeth


Taxman Cumeth
2016. Titanmen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: David Benjamin, Eric Nero, Nick Prescott, Diesel Washington, Tex Davidson, Adam Ramzi
The taxman Eric Nero is knocking on web cam performer Tex Davidson's door questioning him on his at home office
deduction. Well Nero doesn't quite understand what a web cam model does, so Davidson drops his drawers and shows him...
first by putting his penis pump on and using it and then by going down on Nero all while filming for the web. When Nero
finally gets naked, it's Nero sucking dick and eating ass, but Davison is the one who gets to fuck the taxman. In another part
of town is Diesel Washington rubbing one out while watching the Nero/Davison web show, but his accountant shows up
and questions some of the deductions he took. Washington says he would give Benjamin the shirt off his back... and does...
along with his shorts. Well don't worry, Benjamin is not short- changed he gets the long arm of Washington dick up his ass.
Next is Nick Prescott also watching the taxman web cam show when his own taxman, Adam Ramzi, comes knocking (when
did hot tax men start making house calls?). Ramzi questions why there is a bed in Prescott's home office and if he gets any
work done. That's code for "let's get naked!" and Ramzi is the first to get his ass eaten (so he is also the first to get fucked).
Don't worry, Ramzi gets to eat some Prescott ass and fuck him also. After watching this movie all I could think about was
getting audited and having a hot taxman come to my house.

 3.8 Stars!