Tasty Tayte


Tasty Tayte
2014 Cocky Boys

Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Tayte Hanson, Gabriel Clark, Brandon Jones, Levi Karter and Dillon Rossi

     I recently had the chance meeting of Tayte Hanson in Los Angels so when his movies showed up I could not wait to see him
naked and in action. The first scene is with Tayte and Dillon Rossi and they are just sitting in a hammock talking about when
they first met and knowing they would have sex together some day. The whole time this is happening, Tayte is rubbing and
touching Dillon's dick and it's both hot and intimate. So it is interesting to watch Dillon balance on a hammock doggy style getting
his ass eaten, and it's even more interesting to watch him balance while Tayte fucks him.  But watch Tayte when he is fucking
Dillon because he sneaks these very sexy smiles in while he is fucking. Next we have Gabriel Clark and Levi Karter and all I will
say is Levi is Clark's play toy... lifting and sucking and fucking in every which way. What's interesting about this movie is we hear
the actors speaking before, during and after the experience of their scene. Now it's back to Tayte who's with Joey Lafontaine
(looks like a little spinner). Joey likes to sit on a big dick and Tayte lets him. So after 2 minutes of sitting on Tayte's dick, Joey cums!
Well what's a good porn boy to do... keep riding! Now we are on to Brandon Jones and he is talking about his new boyfriend (Samuel
Jones) who is going to be his scene partner and that one of the biggest bottoms in porn, Brandon Jones, has been playing a top (it's a
world gone mad). The scene goes as planned and Brandon is getting fucked silly like the good bottom that he is, and then it happened!
They flipped! Yes readers, it happened, Brandon fucked Samuel! This a very good movie and is almost intimate.
 3.9 Stars!