2016. Men.com
Directed by Marc Macnamera
Starring: Diago Sans, Luke Adams, Colton Grey and Tobias

Luke Adams, Colton Grey and Tobias are out sailing when their boat catches on fire. They're having trouble making it
shore when the hunky Tarzan (Diego Sans) comes to the rescue and drags them to shore. While Tobias goes looking for help,
what should Adams and Grey do? Well they're horny boys so they get naked ! Grey is the first to suck dick and eat ass, but
Adams is the first to get fucked. The guys find a tree for Grey to lean against while he gets his dick sucked, and I was impressed
while Grey was against the tree how Adams lifts Grey's legs over his shoulders and fucks him. In another part of the forest
Tobias runs into the touchy Tarzan (he likes to touch guys!). Playful Tarzan has Tobias follow him over a ledge and into the
water where Tarzan starts licking on Tobias's face. When they get out of the water, Tobias has to start showing him things
like touching, kissing and dick sucking (when it was Tarzan's turn to suck dick all I could think about was no teeth)! It's a
good thing Tarzan is a fast learner with ass eating and fucking and it's really hot to see Tarzan fuck Tobias with a waterfall
in the background (Tarzan is a big cummer)! Once Tarzan and Tobias find the other guys they decide to all have sex and
everyone gets to suck Tarzan's dick before he fucks everyone. When the rescue boat shows up, Tobias decides to stay with
Tarzan because he has more to teach him.

 3.9 Stars!