Tahoe Snowbound


Tahoe Snowbound
2016. Falcon

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Ryan Rose, Jacob Peterson, Sean Zevran, Jimmy Durano, JJ Knight, Jason Styles, Dylan Knight, Scott Riley,
Andrea Suarez, Jordan Boss and Kevin Blake

    As Chicago has barely had three warm days in a row this spring, Falcon is taking us snowbound to Tahoe. This better be
good. First Jimmy Durano comes back from his run to find blond bottom Scott Riley (he's in a scene with Durano so he has
no choice but to be a bottom!) laying around in his long undies and feeling kind of horny. Then the very innocent looking
Kevin Blake wants to go skiing and goes to wake up Ryan Rose (who happens to be naked in bed) and it seems that Rose
just wants to stay in bed. Well Blake decides to join him by sucking on hard Rose cock really fast before Rose does some major
ass eating on Blake that I think I felt. So after hitting the slopes, the muscular Jason Styles goes back to the house and is really
hot. He starts taking his clothes off and lucky for him Dylan Knight is around for when it's time to have his hard cock sucked!
It's really hot watching Styles and Knight take turns fucking each other. Now if you are the hot Sean Zevran walking the halls
in a towel and you run into the hunky Jordan Boss with a chubby in his long johns, what do you do? Well you get naked in the
hall, trade blow-jobs and shoot large amounts of cum on each other. Next are JJ Knight and Andrea Suarez drinking coffee in
the kitchen when Knight realizes that Suarez is getting a chubby... time to play! First up Suarez gets on his knees to suck on
some big Knight meat! When Knight starts munching on Suarez's ass, most of you might be worried about how Suarez is going
to fit that big dick up his as. Last year at the Grabbys Afterparty I saw Suarez pull a whole lot of flags out of that ass, and I will
say I was very impressed when these two flip fucked. Last but not least we have Jacob Peterson who comes back to the house to
see if Jordan Boss is done with his workout and finds him naked putting a towel. Well that towel doesn't stay on for long with
Peterson on his knees sucking and then on his back getting fucked. This movie is hot and sexy and must be really good because
I didn't mind the snow!
3.95 Stars!