Tahoe - Keep Me Warm


Tahoe - Keep Me Warm
2015. Falcon

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Billy Santoro, Andrew Stark, Johnny V, Nick Sterling, Sean Zevran, Ricky Decker, Sebastian Kross, Jason
Maddox, Brenner Bolton and Brandon Moore

    Well, Chicago, since we don't yet have winter let's head to Tahoe with the men of Falcon! First up is Jason Maddox
trying to get Ricky Decker's big 'ol thighs out of his long johns. Once out it's Maddox going down on Decker. It's no secret
that Maddox wants to fuck Dexter's beefy ass (you will too) and baby does he fuck it. In another part of the house, Sean Zevran
is in the bathroom brushing his teeth when Andrew Stark comes in to take a shower -- don't worry, Zevran can see the naked
Stark. Maybe it's me but Stark seems to be trying real hard to make sure his balls are clean (wink wink). When Stark gets out
of the shower, Zevran does a taste test to see how clean Stark's dick is. Next Stark munches down on one of the hottest asses
in porn before he fucks Zevran silly. The next morning, Stark is getting some coffee when he is joined by his boyfriend (Santoro).
Stark begins telling him about getting naked with Zevran, and it must turn Santoro on because he is getting Stark naked and
sucking on his dick mighty fast. Now the hot part is that Brenner Bolton is watching and kind of likes it... so much so that he
joins Santoro sucking on Stark's dick. The hottest part of this scene is when Bolton is sucking on Santoro and Stark at the same
time. Only in Falcon-land will you see Johnny V and Sebastian Kross having a sit-up competition (and you will like it!). Because
sit-ups lead to kissing, and kissing leads to getting naked, Johnny V will be sucking on some Kross dick and will be the lucky guy
to have Kross' dick up his butt.
  3.9 Stars!