Tahoe Cozy Up


Tahoe Cozy Up
2015 Falcon

Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Sebastian Kross, Nick Sterling, Johnny V, Andrew Stark, Ricky Decker, Billy Santoro, Owen Michaels, Brenner
Bolton, and Brandon Moore

    Chicago readers, I know we just had summer arrive but Falcon wants to take us on vacation to see some snow (it is a new movie).
These hot and horny men are at a cabin in Tahoe and you can just smell the sex that is coming! This movie sort of starts funny
because we have a house full of many hot men and Brandon Moore has to find a porno to watch... really? But I think you are going
to like watching Moore rub one out as much as Sebastian Kross does. The rubbing stops when Kross goes down on Moore, and after
they take turns sucking on each other it's Kross doing the fucking (and I must say it is hot when Moore starts bouncing). Later that
day Andrew Stark and Ricky Decker are talking in the kitchen when the trampy Stark starts playing with his dick and talks Decker
into sucking on it. Once Stark starts muching on Decker's ass you know who is going to be pumping. Later we have Nick Sterling and
Owen Michaels rubbing and pumping on each other and in no time Sterling is a bouncing on Michaels' dick. In another area of the
house, Billy Santoro is trying to read a book but the problem is he can see Johnny V and Sebastian Cross making out in the hot tub,
Oh no, Kross gets a phone call and has to leave the hot and horny Johnny V alone. Well thank goodness that Johnny V realizes Santoro
has been watching them and it's time for both guys to put on a show for each other. Ok readers, before we go any further we need to
talk because Johnny V just won hottest bottom at the 2015 Grabbys and I think of Santoro as a bottom, so are they just going to bump
pussies or is it going to happen? I'm going to cut to the chase and just say that it's a world gone mad and that they both do! They are
flippers and I must say it's a very hot scene! This was a very hot movie and Falcon, please, we want to see more of Johnny V having

 3.9 Stars!