2013 Nakedsword
Directed by  Mr. Pam
Starring:  Christian Wilde, Lake Genesis, Brayden Forrester, Tate Ryder, Mitch Vaughn, Conner Habib and Randall O'Reilly

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Yes TRUCK is a bar in San Francisco and the three rules are 1) don't cum on the bar 2) no sex in the bathroom (they wanna watch)
and 3) don't get fucked in public (if you aren't prepared). That being said, having Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis on motorcycles
is a good way to start a movie, but get them naked and fucking on a motorcycle and that is fucking hot! Wilde is on the motorcycle
seat and Genesis is on Wilde's dick riding hard and let's just say Genesis is Wilde's bitch and he likes it. Now if you play beer-pong at
TRUCK, you are Conner Habib and Mitch Vaughn and you get naked and suck dick, eat ass and if you are lucky like Habib you
get the hunky Vaughn's dick up your ass. Brayden Forrester is the new bartender at TRUCK and the (good) problem is that he
doesn't like wearing pants at work (and he looks hot in his underwear). Well the bar is full and in comes the very sexy Tate Ryder....
I think they are going to have sex (YAY!). Ryder says it's his last night in town and Forrester is his goodbye fuck, and baby when they
kiss your asshole is going to twitch. After some sucking and real hot ass eating, Ryder fucks Forrester every which way and then silly!
So later that night the very innocent looking Randall O'Reilly comes into the bar and the dog in heat bartender Christian Wilde informs
O'Reilly that the bar rules are if he whips out his dick you have to suck it. Oh was I was shocked (LOL) when out came Wilde's big old
dick! Good pig Wilde takes Randall in back and just fucks him, oh and did I say that all the people could watch? One or two might be
whipping their own dicks out too. After watching this movie you are going to be planning a trip to San Francisco and getting a drink at

 3.9 Stars!