Swim Meat


Swim Meat
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring Johnny V, JJ Knight, Danny Gunn, Casey Jacks, Sean Maygers, Casey Everett, Cade Madox, Remy Cruze and
Hoss Kado

   Swimmers are known for their small swimwear and hot bodies. The story [wink-wink] has Remy Cruze very sore from
training so hard and sports therapist Cade Maddox is on the scene to help out. For some reason, that means Maddox need
to put his tongue in his butt. Now Maddox (nice dick) is a good therapist so he also gets naked. It’s no shock when Maddox
fucks him; it’s just sex with no passion or heat. Next we meet Danny Gunn who is the pool boy and he seems to know what
he is doing. When he goes in the house to talk to JJ Knight and Johnny V (already in swimwear ). When Johnny V leaves the
room, Knight and Gunn get busy. Gunn must like a challenge because he goes down on Knight’s huge cock. When Johnny V
comes back in the room and finds the guys naked, whats’ a guy to do but join in? Then it’s time to make Gunn the main course
and put the naked Gunn on the countertop and tag team Gunn’s ass. Knight is the first to fuck Gunn, but the guys move to the
floor so Gunn can sit on it and Johnny V and Knight can DP him (2018 is the year of DP) and major amount of cum from all.
Next we meet Sean Maygers who is coming out of the shower when he finds Casey Jacks; Maygers gives new meaning to
dropping the towel. Maygers tries to get Jacks to leave but once Jacks starts sucking his hard dick, no one is leaving and it’s
time to play. For some reason, the guys go outside but that’s okay because I love outdoor sex. Once the guys take turns sucking
on each other’s dicks, it’s no surprise when we find Jacks with a dick up his ass. Next we find Casey Everett who happens to
be the first person actually swimming but he has to get out of the pool (with perfect dry hair?) because he seems to have hurt his
shoulder and who do you call for help: Cade Madox. We all know what Madox is going to do rub and bump and get Everett
naked and it’s no shock when Everett gets fucked. Back at the pool,we find JJ Knight with Hoss Kado getting some sun but Hoss
is horny, his suit comes off and his legs go in the air. After some finger fucking the guys go inside (why?) to fuck. This is a safe
movie that is all sex and no heat.

 3.75 Stars!