2017. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox, Hunter Marx, Luke Adams, Tex Davidson, Adam Ramzi, Steve Roman and Adam Thicke

Couple Adam Ramzi and Steve Roman just arrived at the home of their friends, Matt Bosch and Liam Knox. Roman
and Knox leave and Bosch shows Ramzi his room and what does good host Bosch do? He whips out his really nice cock so
Ramzi can play with it! Well, playing with it leads to sucking it and we all know sucking it leads to Bosch’s big dick up Ramzi’s
ass. After Ramzi and Bosch are done having sex, Knox and Roman come back to the house and Roman wants a shower and
FYI, Roman might have a shaved head but he has a hairy ass. Roman is naked in the shower and we soon find a naked Knox
joining him so we once again have a Swap. The guys seem to enjoy soaping each other up but it’s Roman first on his knees to
suck some dick. The guys go back to the bedroom because Knox wants to fuck Roman’s hairy ass. In another part, we find
Luke Adams and Tex Davidson, who are visiting their friend Hunter Marx. When Marx shows his friends the guest room,
Adams loses his clothes to put his swimsuit on and goes to the pool so Swap Marx is in the mood for some Davidson dick up
his ass but first Marx has so suck some Davidson dick. I have to say it’s really hot to see the manly Marx sit on Davidson’s dick –
okay, bounce. Out at the pool, Adams finds a naked Thicke who joins him in the pool and once they get out of the pool, Adams
loses  his swimsuit and Swap Adams is playing with Thicke who is not the guy he came with. Adams starts sucking on Thick’s
nice uncut cock. Let’s be honest; we all know that hot little fireplug Adams is going to get fucked so the guys go in to the house
to make this happen. My only problem is that they are fucking on a white couch; it might get dirty. If you like getting naked
with your friends, this movie is for you!

 3.85 Stars!