2015. Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Sebastian Kross, Johnny V, Austin Wolf, Derek Atlas, Jacob Peterson, Micah Brant, Kyle Kash and Logan Moore

    In the words of Falcon, a 'Surge' of sexual adrenaline shoots through their bodies, a power 'Surge' that ends in a roaring
climax and hefty loads... let the movie begin! So the movie starts with Sebastian Kross and the hunky Micah Brant making
out, and all I could think was let Brant (Brant is all man)  finally be the one to pop Kross' cherry! After watching Kross eat
Brant's ass, it's clear Kross REALLY likes to eat ass and wants a clean hole before he fucks it. Next up we have Johnny V
and Austin Wolf, two men who know what the inside of a gym looks like and who are just manly! When Johnny V squats on
Wolf's face it's just hot watching. Let's just say Wolf fucks Johnny V every which way but Sunday and he likes it! Now we
have Logan Moore licking and sucking on Kyle Kash. Moore flips Kash up in the air and holds him there as they 69 each
other (an amazing trick that you should not try at home). It's no surprise after Moore treats Kash like a rag doll when he
fucks him hard... it is just hot! This movie is good, we just needed more flipping.
3.75 Stars!