Sun Kissed


Sun Kissed
Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Starring:  Paddy O'Brian, Ray Diaz, Edin Sol, Shane Frost, Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Are you as sick of this Chicago weather as I am? Well to get you out of this funk, all you need is a movie with Paddy O'Brian
getting out of a pool and Edin Sol is there to greet him by sucking O'Brian's very hard cock! Well once O'Brian starts paying
with Sol's ass you know what is going to happen...fucking and baby oh my god does he pump into Sol's ass! It goes on forever
and by the time they cum your ass it going to hurt by all the pounding. Well now Mr.O"Brian is still hard but he is at another
pool (this man sure has a good life) and he is joined by porn workaholic Trenton Ducati. By the time O'Brian starts eating
Ducati's ass you know where this is going. O'Brian is doing the fucking and I just want to say thank god they are paying O'Brian
by the scene because if they were paying him by the pump Falcon would be going broke (that boy pumps!). Next we go indoors
the with sexy and hung Tate Ryder and Shane Frost. What I like about these two is they flip fuck, but when Frost is fucking
Ryder and he pulls out a little and just spits on his dick for just that natural lube it's just hot! It only gets better when Frost
shoots a big load on Ryder's face...all I can say is you are going to want a taste! Well O'Brian is back and this time he is in the
wine country with Ray Diaz, and Diaz is a very bouncy boy. If you are a Paddy O'Brian fan, this movie is for you.
 3.7 Stars!