2015. Hot House Video

Directed by Christian Owen.
Starring: Sean Zevran, Jimmy Durano, Andrea Suarez, Brandon Moore, Jordan, Osiris Blade, Theo Ford.
Review by Seth Magnum

    Overview:  Sometimes you just need to submit and let someone take control. I know I do at times...ok frequently…FINE
all the time. These seven stunning hunks show us how it’s done
    Highlights: Take Sean Zevran’s perfect cock, Andrea Suarez’s amazing ass, a never-ending blowjob, a rimming to die for,
flip-fucking (which also brings into account Sean’s ridiculously nice ass) and perfectly mutual submissive chemistry – well,
I’m spent to say the least. Oh wait! There are more scenes to watch (please hold)… Theo Ford knows how to submit…to both
Jimmy Durano and the red-headed Jordan at the same time. Theo offers his mouth and ass, and Jimmy and Jordan take full
advantage. Nobody shows pure sexual pleasure with his eyes better than Jimmy, and his command over the scene turns hot
into ever hotter. Nothing says submit like a sling, and Brandon Moore does just that as Jordan pummels his ass first with an
enormous dildo followed by his own piece of meat. Theo turns aggressor and forces the submissive Osiris Blade to take his cock
down his throat…and leave it there. If this doesn’t constitute an amazing blowjob, I don’t know what could. A true submissive,
Osiris takes Theo’s load on his face and doesn’t ever shoot his own…saving it for his own aggressive time down the road.
    My take: This foray into the submissive role makes for some hot and exhausting playtime. The leather and rubber gear worn by
the actors plus all the other tools of the trade used throughout make for some extra hot sex. And DO NOT miss the three bonus
scenes (after the second…well let’s just say I’ll never play the game of pool quite the same again).

 3.8 Stars!