STRIPPED...Make It Rain
2012 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Dereck Parker,Trenton Ducati, Marcus Ruhl, Race Cooper, Andrew Justice, Josh West and Max Marshall
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Have you ever gone to see strippers? Well if you are reading this review I am betting you have! I truly believe that you
have also had a fantasy about a dancer or two, and let's just say this movie will make that fantasy come true. First to dance is
Trenton Ducati and his beefy juicy ass for the sexy Max Marshall. Now with the amount of money Marshall is tipping Ducati,
I sure hope he gets some. But you do get your moneys worth when Ducati starts finger fucking himself (it's hot). When we get
to see Marshall's dick (which is big and thick) all I could think was Ducati is going to have a very sore jaw after sucking on that
dick. After the amount of tipping Marshall did, I can truly tell you he got his moneys worth out of Ducati's ass...and Ducati liked
it. Have you ever watched strippers and thought they had to be doing each other? Well in this movie they are Andrew Justice
and Marcus Ruhl (he has the best nipples in porn today). When Ruhl squats on Justice's dick you are going to have a wet spot
and are going to want a taste of Ruhl's uncut cock. Derek Parker is a dirty boy who seems to know his way around a stripper
poll and Max Marshall and his big thick dick are back to have some. Marshall just fucks Parker silly and Parker takes it like a
man wanting more. If you have ever tipped a stripper and wanted more, this movie is for you.
 3.75 Stars!