Strangers In Prague Part 3


Strangers In Prague Part 3
2017. Kristen Bjorn
Directed by Kristen Bjorn
Starring Alex Brando, Arny Donan, Julio Rey, Rado Zuska, Alex Stan, Stephan Raw, Martin Porter, William Bravo,
Lorenc Byro, Charli Lomeoz and Vaclav Chovaner

I will tell you the truth: I have always wanted to go to Prague. Kristen Bjorn, if you want to have a Part 32, I will be happy
to review it because you also find some very hot men to take me on this tour. Well, Julio Rey is also on a tour of Prague and
he runs into Rado Zuska and Tom Vojak (oh, please let this happen to me) and are happy to show Rey local hospitality [wink-
wink]. They guys return to Rado’s flat and get better acquainted; they gets naked with each other. Julio is the first to get on
his knees and starts sucking on Rado’s dick and keeps sucking on one dick after another. After so intense dick-sucking, Rado
then squats down on Julio’s cock while Tom feeds Julio his hot hard cock. Radio is then flipped and Tom rams his big cock
deep inside his ass as Rado swallows Julio’s dick that is dripping with their fuck juices still on his cock. Tom fucks Rado with
such passion that he sprays Rado’s ass with his creamy load of cum. William Bravo has bought himself a whole lot of pleasure
when he meets up with Alex Stan and Lorenc Byro. William pays the hefty fee to experience erotic pleasures in Prague (sign me
up). Alex and Lorenc invite William in and remove their clothes because, remember, time is money. William moves in and begins
to explore his new friend’s cocks with his mouth and tongue. William works his way from one cock to the other and eating them
like he hadn’t sucked a cock in months. The guys position themselves so that William can eat both of their hairy holes in tandem.
With both holes nice and wet, Alex plunges his cock into Lorenc’s hole while William feeds his cock down his throat. William
mixes it all up and has Alex squat down on his big cock as he sucks Lorenc’s hard cock. William builds his rhythm to the point
of erupting his thick creamy load all over Alex’s furry ass; all I can think is, talk about getting your money’s worth! Alex Brando
is out enjoying the beautiful spring day in Prague when he comes across Rado Zuska and Martin Porter. Martin invites Rado
and Alex back to his flat where the clothes come off in record time [shock face]. Rado and Martin are impressed with Alex’s
perfectly sculpted muscular body (so am I) and can’t keep their hands off of him. After the guys play dueling cocks, Alex takes
Rado’s rock-hard cock in his mouth. Martin is then bent over the sofa when Alex shoves his dick up Martin’s ass. Rado steps
up and wants his turn on Martin’s ass and the guys then start tag-team Martin’s lucky ass! Rado is overwhelmed with pleasure
and creams Martin’s ass thick creamy load. Martin begins beating his cock against Rado’s face as Alex continues to ram his cock
in and out of Rado’s ass. It’s a busy day at the gym as Martin Porter, Alex Stan, Stephan Raw and Julio Rey prepare for their
upcoming boxing matches {hot). Alex is feeling embarrassed because Julio has caught him starring at the other guys and is sporting
a chubby. Julio is excited about this action and calls Alex over and releases his raging hard-on from his satin boxer trunks. Julio
begins sucking on Alex’s cock and Stephan and Martin decide to put their testosterone to good use also. Once Stephan starts
sucking on Martin’s dick, everyone is sucking or having their dick sucked. Alex is then put on a weight bench and Julio pounds
his hard cock in to Alex’s ass. Standing over Alex , Martin blows a load over his face and Stephan follows suit and shoots a thick
load as well. Watching all this cum erupting, Julio showers Alex’s balls with gobs of cum which triggers Alex to shoot his load of
cum as well.

 3.9 Stars!