Strangers & Lovers


Strangers & Lovers
2016. Lucas Kazan
Directed by Ettore Tosi
Starring: Logan Moore, Leo Domenico, Denis Vega, Darius Ferdynand, Robbie Rojo, Gabriel Vanerloo, Carmello and Raffaelle

This is how you start a movie... Darius Ferdynand without a shirt fantasizing about Denis Vega! Let me start by saying
Ferdynand has one of the best asses in porn, and the way Denis is munching on it (Denis is a very lucky man) you just know
Ferdynand is going to get the shit fucked out of him. Next we meet Raffaelle (this is his first movie) and he is a 24 year old
bartender in Italy. I will just say I am not into solo scenes, but this guy is hot and it's so worth the viewing (he is a shooter!).
Next we meet Logan Moore and Leo Domenico who are a couple, but Leo fucked up and is trying to make up with Logan.
Watching them walk hand in hand all over Italy is very romantic (FYI I'm reviewing this movie on Valentine's Day and going
to need a very big drink when I'm done). So after the guys suck on each other and Logan gets his ass eaten, he takes a good
ride on Leo's dick (all I could think was Logan has a really nice dick and I hope they flip). Now there's Robbie Rojo who is
lost in Madrid with his map out and runs into stranger Gabriel Vanderloo. The good stranger he is, Gabriel helps the cute
guy and after a night together these two start having sex, starting with Robbie having his ass eaten (mine even twitched a
little). You know the old saying... first to get their ass eaten is the first to get fucked. Well Robbie did and once again a nice
dick was wasted (Robbie's)... didn't anyone tell these guys that 2017 is the year of the flip? If you like guys with accents this
movie is for you.

 3.8 Stars!