Stopover in Bonds Corner


Stopover in Bonds Corner
2016. TitanMen
Directed by Joe Gage
Starring: David Anthony, Dallas Steele, Luke Adams, Bruce Beckham, Max Sargent and Mitch Vaughn

Dallas Steele's car has broken down so he is alone in the desert looking for a ride. Lucky for him Mitch Vaughn drives
by and offers, but before Steele gets in he needs to take a piss. Vaughn says to do it 'right here so know one can see,' but
Vaughn can and he likes watching. The guys then head back to Vaughn's garage and Vaughn wants to see Steele's equipment
in exchange for a ride to wherever he needs to go. So what is Steele to do but whip out his hard dick! Well if one guy has his
hard dick out, what's the other guy to do? If you're Vaughn you get your hard dick out also and after they both lose some
clothes it's Vaughn on his knees first... don't worry they take turns. At this point Steele wants some ass to munch on and baby
Vaughn is more than willing to give it up! We all know that ass eating leads to fucking, and Vaughn sure does like riding
Steele's hard dick... that is until Steele goes 'fuck me' and Vaughn does. In another part of town Max Sargent's door bell rings
and for some reason he leaves some cash on the table. It's neighbor boy Luke Adams at the door and Sargent invites him in
(Adams puts the money in his pocket) and Adams starts telling a story about a stranger who had his dick out and wanted to
give him a ride. Sargent asks to see what the stranger did, so Adams whips out his soft dick, but Sargent asks if it was hard
like his and whips his out too. We can guess where this is going and they are naked in no time with Adams getting his juicy
ass pounded by neighbor Sargent. Over at the college Adams' dad (Bruce Beckham) is having a meeting with his coach (David
Anthony) about young Adams' suggestive behavior. Daddy Beckham wants the coach to show him what his son is doing, which
means the coach whips his dick out (it's big and starts to get hard). What does a good daddy Beckham do? He gets down on
his knees and sucks coach's cock (at least we know where his son gets it from). This is when it gets interesting because daddy
Beckham has now put coach Anthony in charge of straightening out son Adams' who we hear is taking money for sex (hooker!)
and luckily hitchhiker Steele is there to help. When Adams walks into the coach's place Steele already has his hard dick out and
Adams has to promise not to take money for sex anymore (I think this time will be on the house). First they have Adams sucking
them both, then Adams is fucking Steele (shock, Adams can top?) before Anthony and Steele take turns fucking Adams. My only
thought at the end of the movie... how is this teaching Adams a lesson?

 3.85 Stars!