Stiff Sentence


Stiff Sentence
2016. Hot House

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Johnny V, Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Gabriel Cross, Kyle Kash, Rocco Steele and Sean Duran

   First up is prison guard Jimmy Durano who wants to violate Gabriel Cross with his night stick... then with his dick! It's
then time to meet guards Johnny V and Brian Bonds (let's be honest... these two are not known to be the top very often so
what's going to happen?!). Well Johnny V starts fucking Bonds, and once he is done, Bonds wants some Johnny butt to
munch on and takes his turn doing some major pumping (Bond's shoots a major load). Next is prisoner Sean Duran who
has been in trouble and needs to explain himself to guard Brian Bonds (he sure is friendly in this movie) why. That means
Duran is getting naked and Bonds is sucking on a big dick and getting fucked by it! Now we meet the innocent looking
Kyle Kash who has been arrested... luckily he meets Rocco Steele who says he will protect him in jail if he sucks his dick
regularly. Well Kash better be well protected because he ends up taking Steele's big dick up his ass! If you like a jail themed
movie this one is for you!

 3.8 Stars!