Spot Me


Spot Me
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Ryan Rose, Arad Winwin, Jimmy Durano, Dante Colle, Michah Brandt, Josh Conners, Rex Regan and Paris Paris

   Dante Colle and Jimmy Durano are out running and need a break. They both seem a little horny because Durano is hard
and Colle wants to suck it. We all know that Durano is a horny top; what’s a top to do get his boy to drop his shorts so he can
eat some ass? (Yes, it’s outdoor sex!) Colle is a horny bottom and just kind of sits on Durano’s dick on the side of the tennis
court (hot). Later that day, we find Arad Winwin and Michah Brandt bringing a cooler to the tennis/basketball courts. Winwin
and Brandt want to play basketball and, lucky for us, they are both skins. Once the guys take a break for a cold drink we find
out that Brandt wants to suck some dick. Once Brandt kneels on the bench, it’s no secret that Brandt is getting fucked. Back
in the gym, we find Jimmy Durano training Rex Regan when Durano realizes that Reagan has a hard-on, so what does a good
trainer do? You have to take it out, play with it and suck it. (Do you have to pay extra to get your trainer to suck?) It’s not
surprising when Durano starts fucking Reagan. Later in the gym, we find Pierce Paris training Josh Conners and Ryan Rose
looking like he wants the two of them for dinner. Wait! I think Paris and Rose have played this game before and they want
Conners’ ass to play with. Let’s start with the facts that Conners is one lucky fuck because he gets to suck on Paris’ dick while
Rose eats his ass (I have pre-cum). Now it gets better for Conners as he has Rose fucking him while he munches on Paris’ ass.
It just gets better when Conners is getting fucked by Rose while Paris fucks Rose (hot!). If this movie doesn’t get you in the
gym, nothing will.

 3.9 Stars!