2015. Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Lucas Knight, Camron Foster, Rico Suave, Kyle Kash, Brandon Wilde and Wolfe Blue
    Chicago readers, you know the winter has finally arrived. I am over it and Chi Chi LaRue's movie Splash arrived today,
so let's go on a warm vacation that involves palm trees, pools and naked men! Lucas Knight and Kyle Kash are naked in a
pool getting really friendly when Kash goes down on Knight (don't you love an underwater blow job?). So when the guys
finally get out of the pool it's the very hot ass of Kash that is sitting on the beautiful Knight dick. After playing outside in a
mini waterfall, Camron Foster and Brandon Wilde move inside to play in a very large shower. After taking turns going down
on each other and taking turns munching on each other's asses, there's no other choice but for Wilde to sit on Foster's dick.
Back at the pool we have Rico Suave and Wolfie Blue playing naked and while Suave is floating on a raft Blue finds out just
how juicy Suave's ass is with some major taste testing on it. After the boys take turns sucking on each other, it's time to fuck
for a hot flip scene. For someone who needs that vacation feel, this movie is for you.

 3.85 Stars!