Spitting Image


Spitting Image
2012 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi Larue
Starring: Liam and Lucca Rosso, Devin Adams, Dylan Roberts, Tony Douglas, Connor Maguire, Trey Turner, Max Gunnar
and Jonny Rock
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    If you are going to take porn stars on vacation, all I can say is either show me outdoor sex or a hotel room, and in the first five
minutes of this movie I get both! First up is Jonny Rock and Trey Turner and I have to say I like the old school tighty whitie
Calvin's on these guys. There is something about being on vacation when you can have sex and look out your window and see the
ocean. Well all Turner can see is stars after the ass pounding he takes from Rock's big dick. In porn, isn't it amazing the bathrooms
they have? They are so big you can fuck and have a director and camera guy in them! Well in this large bathroom, Dylan Roberts
(nice arms) is doing the fucking and Max Gunner is sitting on it like a man and keeps his dick hard the whole time. I am going to say
it: in porn I like a plot and a story and there is something in this movie I do not understand. We keep getting cut-ins of Connor Maguire
having nightmares and the Rosso twins roaming this house and almost haunting it. But I did not care when they finally got into bed
with Maguire and woke him up! When Maguire gets the twins in a double stack up and is eating their asses all I can say is that is hot
and I want to try that! If you have ever had a fantasy about twins, this next part should be it because Maguire is sitting on one Rosso
dick while another Rosso is sucking his dick (magic). And when that is done Maguire fucks the other Rosso! I don't understand the
plot of this movie, but the sex is very hot and you are all going to want to go out and find a set of twins to get naked with!
 3.75 Stars!