Spider-man: A Gay XXX Parody


Spider-man: A Gay XXX Parody
2018. Men.com
Directed by Alter Sin Starring: Will Braun, Tobias, Aston Springs and Myles Landon

We all know the story of Spider-man and, if we are honest, we’ve checked him out or thought about getting busy with him.
Well, we get the full story from Men.com. Peter Parker gets bit my a spider and seems to get some male muscles in the process
[woof]. When Peter (Spider- man) wakes up after being stung by a spider, he finds he doesn’t need his glasses anymore (lucky
guy) and he likes how his muscles look now. Three months later, after learning of his new powers, we find Peter (Will Braun)
going to see his friends Tobias and Aston Springs; after Aston leaves, Myles Landon comes out of the dark and I am putting
money on the fact that Myles is the villain. After Landon leaves, Tobias goes in for the kill with Braun and the guys start to get
busy. Braun (Spider-man) is the first to suck but Tobias gets his turn because Braun is hard as a rock. Our villain Landon comes
back and Braun and Tobias have to hide naked under a table (you would have to be blind to miss them). Once villain Landon is
gone, it’s time for Braun to have Tobias eat his ass and, FYI, Braun likes it; he likes it even more when Tobias starts fucking him!
The fun part is Spider-man (Braun) is a giver and wants his turn to eat some ass and to fuck Tobias (flip) but not for long because
Braun wants that dick up his ass again. With his special Spider-man powers, Braun realizes that his friend, Aston Springs, is being
robbed; Braun breaks out the Spider-man outfit to save the day. Later Springs goes looking [wink-wink] to find Spider-man and
thank him properly. Springs starts feeling Spider-man up when he realizes that there is a slit where you can pull Spider-man’s dick
out so Springs pulls out Spiderman’s erect cock and starts sucking. Springs gets naked and Spider-man starts feeling him up before
he fucks him. Yes, Spider-man is in full costume with only his erect hard cock showing (it made me giggle). Landon, our villain also
has a cool costume and gets into a fight with Spider- man and wounds him. Later, when everyone is out of costume, Landon realizes
that Braun is Spider-man and tries to blow him up but hurts himself and, after he wakes up, he finds Braun and Tobias (he knows
that Braun is Spider-man) making out, so what does good villain Landon do? Of course, he gets naked and joins them; I have to
mention Landon is one hot daddy! Everyone gets a chance to munch on Braun’s ass but Landon is the first to fuck him; don’t worry,
Tobias gets his turn and then they go back and forth fucking the sexy Braun better known as Spider-man. It’s great to realize that
Spider-man is versatile but it’s hot to know that Spider-man is a shooter!
3.9 Stars!