So You Think You Can Fuck Season 4


So You Think You Can Fuck Season 4

Directed by Dominic Ford
Starring: Trenton Ducati, Armond Rizzo, Bryce Evens, Landon Conrad, Vance Crawfrod, Tommy Defendi and your
host Mathew Rush

    Not only do the guys fuck in this movie, but they get physical also. First up is the Blue Team which is Landon Conrad,
Vance Crawford, Tommy Defendi and let's just say they are not very good at the coconut throwing. The Red Team is
Trenton Ducati, Armond Rizzo, Bryce Evens and let's just say they don't know what teamwork is. Remember both teams
suck at the puzzle but the Blue Team wins the first challenge. First up for the sex scene challenge is Trenton Ducati and
Landon Conrad (two of the hottest and most versatile men in gay porn so this is going to be interesting)! These two men
are pro's and baby do they know how to have sex for the camera... you have to watch the scene with them taking turns
eating each other's asses. First to get fucked is Conrad and he is on a stack of tires (original) but don't worry Ducati is
doggystyle in no time and taking Conrad up his ass. For the second challenge each team will host a cam for an hour to see
who will have the most interaction with their fans. The Red Team is showing more skin so I hope they are winning, now
the Red Team is showing and sucking on dick (they win for me). Now it's time for the next sex scene challenge and we have
Tommy Defendi and Armond Rizzo and all I can think is Rizzo's butthole is going to hurt. My favorite part is when pocket
gay Rizzo is bouncing on Defendi's big dick. Next we have Bryce Evens (this man's body is hot) and Vance Crawford
getting naked in the rain with Even's as the first one on his knees. Well they do come in out of the rain and my new boyfriend
Evens is the first one naked! Evens is the first one to have a dick up his bum, but I have to say I was impressed when they flip
fucked. This movie had lots of hot and sexy action, the only thing missing was a group scene with each team. I will say I am
a fan of Team Blue but you are going to have to watch this season to see who wins.
  3.95 Stars!