So You Think You Can Fuck- Season 3


So You Think You Can Fuck-Season 3

Directed by Dominic Ford
Starring: Mitch Vaughn, Derek Parker, Sean Duran, Topher Dimaggio, Lance Luciano and Duncan Black
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Well readers, Matt Rush is back as your host of "So You Think You Can Fuck" and he is bringing back as team leaders!
Season One winner Topher Dimaggio with Duncan Black and Lance Luciano on his team and Season Two winner Mitch
Vaughn with Dean Duran and Derek Parker on his team. First up is the canoe relay race. Well Team Topher won the canoe
race and Duncan Black is the first one up from the team and he picks Derek Parker to be his scene partner. Yes, the guys are
finally naked and on a boat dock humping and a bumping and sucking some nips and dick. Once on land, I was hoping that
Duncan Black was the top, but he is a really good bottom and bounces really well on a dick. Winner of the second challenge
is Team Mitch and they are sending in Sean Duran who picks Topher Dimaggio as his scene partner. Now they are having
barrack sex and I found it very funny that Andrew Christian Topher didn't have any underwear on. It was very hot when
Duran pushes Topher on the bed and just sits on his dick. Well team Mitch won the second challenge and they send in Duran
(yay!) and he picks Lance Luciano as a scene partner. Make sure you watch their ass eating scene because it is different... degree
of difficulty high and also very hot. Team Mitch wins the next challenge and Mitch picks Duncan Black as his partner. You have
to watch Vaughn cum in this scene because I was impressed by the distance, but also I found Black to be a lazy bottom. Next up
it's Topher and Parker which means it's time for Parker to get fucked. Lance Luciano won the next challenge and he picks Mitch
Vaughn as his partner. Their scene takes place in a outdoor shower (hot) but maybe Vaughn should have gotten naked before he
joined Luciano in the shower. It was really hot when Luciano started fucking Vaughn, but it was even hotter when Luciano sat on
Vaughn's dick. Readers, this movie is a three disc set and it is hot and sexy with a few surprises
 3.9 Stars!