2012 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Kristopher Weston
Starring: Spencer Reed, Chris Tyler, Shay Michaels, Jessie Colter, Alex Slater, Brian Davilla, Nicko Morales, Tim Kelly,
Collin Stone and Devin Adams
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Chi Chi La Rue is throwing a sex party and we are invited! Just remember that it's bring your own jock, wrestling tog and
make sure you smell like a man. Everyone is laying around in groups of two's and three's sucking, licking and nipple playing,
but I will say Chris Tyler seems to really be having fun. The fun really starts happening when the metal bar comes down and
half the guys are on one side sucking and the others are being sucked off. Finally we have the arrival of the manly Spencer
Reed and his blind folded boy (Devin Adams) whose job is to get to know his scent. That boy works Reed's body over from top
to bottom. Now the three-way that I like the best is with Chris Tyler, Jessie Colter and Tim Kelly. These men just like being naked
with each other and Colter really likes being in the middle. Now it is time to see if Adams knows Reed's scent, so all the guys are
lined up asses out for Adams (still blind folded) to smell and taste to see if he can find Reed. Well thank god Adams is a good boy
and finds Reed with a reward of Reed's dick up his ass. To celebrate, everyone gets to fuck! They then have one of the best group
scenes of last year! "Sniff" -- see you at the 2013 Grabbys! This is the best all sex movie out of Chi Chi LaRue last year.
 3.95 Stars!