2017. Titanmen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring Eddy Ceetee, Liam Knox, Tex Davidson, Alex Mecum, Adam Ramzi and Jason Vario

When the movie starts, we meet warehouse worker Jason Vario getting a delivery from Adam Ramzi who is curious as
to what kind of product is at this warehouse ; it’s sex furniture aka slings! Vario has his tongue down Ramzi’s throat and has
his ass in a sling in record time. Ramzi is the first to get naked so it’s Vario doing some major dick sucking and when we finally
get Vario naked, all I can thing is what a nice cock. So this is gay porn and my theory is man with largest cock is the one doing
the fucking and FYI, it’s Vario doing the fucking. It’s hard to believe that the manly Alex Mecum has a problem putting his
new sling together; he has to have repairman Tex Davidson come over and put it together and try it out. Tex is the first one
naked and it’s Mecum doing the dick sucking. Now Tex is the first with a dick up his ass but don’t worry, they flip and Mecum
gets his chance to ride a nice cock also. Now it takes a while but it’s Mecum who is the first to be fucked on his new sling. Eddy
Ceetee has to go to the sex furniture warehouse where he finds Liam Knox [woof]. They are hot and bothered with each other
and have to test out a sling. After the guys take turns sucking each other’s cocks, it’s Knox with a dick up his ass but when they
go over to the sling, it’s Ceetee’s turn to get fucked. If you like a good sling, this movie is for you.

 3.85 Stars!