2012 Jet Set Men
Directed by: Chris Steele
Starring: Kris Jamieson, Brett Summers, Zachary Perry, Hayden Richards, Kyle Quinn, Chase Young, Joe Clark and Mike DeMarko

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

You know when you sleep with someone you like and you just want to touch every part of their body? The good part is when they are
sleeping and you know they like it because they are hard as a rock. Well new Jet Set exclusive Brett Summers is that man and the large
hard dick belongs to Hayden Richards. The fun really begins when that bad boy Summers starts getting his friend out of his underwear
while he is sleeping, now Richards is hard so I think he likes it. Readers, don't worry because Richards does wake up and boy does he
like Summers going down on his big fat cock. When they finally get to fucking all you will be able to think is Richards likes a tight hole
and Summers likes a big are going to like it! If you have a friend as hot as Kris Jamieson, don't sleep in the same bed as him
because you are going to want to touch him, just ask Joe Clark (he does more than touch). It gets interesting when Clark is letting
Jamieson suck his dick while he is sleeping...ok that might be wrong but when Jamieson wakes up he does not mind and fucks Clark
silly. If you have ever had the fantasy of falling asleep with a friend and waking up naked and having sex, this movie is for you!
 3.85 Stars!