Slam That Hole


Slam That Hole
2016. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Tegan Zayne, Brian Bonds, Derek Atlas, Jimmy Durano, Buck Richards, Logan Moore and Noah Donovan

Eager power-bottoms taking on ass hungry tops... no romance needed! This movie starts with Tegan Zayne playing
with his hairy hole (I think he going to be getting fucked). In comes Jimmy Durano and after he plays with Zayne's butt
and gets his dick sucked, shock(!) he fucks him. My question is: when Durano fucks someone, does the camera have to be
on the right so we see the tattoo on his hip in every movie? Moving on, in the next scene we have Noah Donovan who has
a really big dick and greedy power-bottom Brian Bonds... no questions here, Bonds is sitting on that big dick! After some
butt munching on Bonds' ass, Bonds is bouncing on Donovan's dick. Next we meet Logan Moore and Buck Richards and
Richards is first to suck dick, first to get is ass eaten, and first to get fucked (they flip and he fucks Moore). Greedy bottom
Tegan Zayne comes back and Derek Atlas becomes Zayne's latest victim.

 3.7 Stars!