Skins 1


Skins 1
2016. Kristen Bjorn

Directed by Strongeboli
Starring: Viktor Rom, Peter Coxx, Jose Quevedo, Tom Vojak, Alex Brando, Craig Daniel, Hugo Arenas, Hans Berlin,
Cody Banx, Karl Lion, Manuel Olveyra, Felipe Ferro, Tom Vojak, Ansony, Max Toro and Aymeric Deville

While running errands Viktor Rom persuades Peter Coxx to come home with him and his monster bulge (why doesn't this
happen to me?). There is a 69 in this movie that shows how good core strength makes for a great camera angle (do not try
this at home but enjoy the view). When Rom starts spiting and licking on Coxx's hole, you just know who is getting a major
pounding. The amount of cum that is shot will make you very horny! Next we have Alex Brando who is in a body building
contest and is trying on posing suits. He's invited two friends over to help pick out the best one... now maybe is just me but
would you be getting butt naked (and semi hard) in front of your friends? Brando's friend starts feeling a little happy (wink
wink) and whips out his cock and the guys start sucking on each other and oiling Brando up. FYI Jose Quevedo in this scene
is the lucky one because he gets both Tom Vojak and Brando's dicks up his butt. Craig Daniel and Hugo Arenas are out
shopping and discover that Hans Berlin is checking them out. So what does a friendly couple do? Bring him home for a three-
way! This scene is the reason to get this movie because it is an amazing three-way... from the moment the guys are naked you
know that Hans is going to be their bitch (Berlin sucks on both of their dicks at the same time). But when Berlin gets double
fucked by the guys your hole will feel it. Just looking at Berlin's eyes in a new double fuck position (don't try this at home) you
will just see his pleasure ! Now we have Cody Banx and Karl Lion on an overhead cable car giving Karl a hot blow job before
they go home and are joined by Manuel Olveyra. Once at home the guys get naked and start sucking and ass eating before
taking turns fucking each other. This is a very exciting movie that will get you on the hunt for a three-way!

 3.9 Stars!