2016. Gentleman's Closet
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring: Jaxton Wheeler, Trenton Ducati, Angelo Marconi, Billy Santoro, Hans Berlin and Kyler Ash

   We start the movie with Trenton Ducati making out with Kyler Ash and within a few seconds we realize that both guys
have some very shear socks on. After they lose their pants, they are in garter belts and pantyhose and Ducati sure does like
sucking on a foot. Once Ducati is done sucking, he brings out a pretty colored dildo to fuck Ash with. Ducati starts slow with
the dildo, but picks up some steam. Costume change... now the guys are in their man-size pantyhose and Ducati needs someone
to suck on his dick (Ash is the man for the job). The guys have moved to the living room and had a costume change of only
shear socks, with Ash bouncing on Ducati's dick before doggie-style. In another part of town we have John Magnum in a pair
of shear boxers (sexy) with Angelo Marconi munching and sucking on his feet. Once the guys move to the bedroom, they both
have new shear socks on plus Marconi is in a shear jockstrap. Once the guys are naked, it's no secret that Magnum's doing the
fucking (has Marconi ever topped on film?). Over at a local hotel two co-workers who are sharing a hotel room are just getting
back to the room. When Hans Berlin says he has to take a shower, because there does not seem to be a door Billy Santoro can
watch. Berlin takes his shirt off, followed by his pants, where we discover Berlin likes garter belts and stockings. Luckily Santoro's
response is that he likes shear socks. Berlin puts on a sexy show for Santoro before he starts sucking on Santoro's toes. When we
finally get Santoro out of his pants, it's pantyhose that makes him feel sexy. Berlin is really horny and tears a hole in Santoro's
pantyhose to fuck him. Santoro eventually loses the pantyhose when they flip and it's Santoro's turn to do the fucking. This movie
is a must watch if you like your man in something shear and sexy.

 3.7 Stars!