Shut Up and Fuck Me


Shut Up and Fuck Me
2018. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Kurtis Wolfe, Tegan Zane, Hans Berlin, Sergeant Miles, Sean Knight, Jay Landford, Seth Santoro, Ziggy Banks,
Giovanni Valentino, Spencer Whitman and Adam Thicke

   If you are reading this, I am going to assume at one point in your life, you have said shut up and fuck me because, plain
and simple, you just want to get naked and have sex. I am not judging because I have also and, baby, this movie it for you!
When we first meet Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles, they are naked and hard while making out; Wolfe blinked and is on
his knees and sucking Miles’ dick. Once Miles starts munching on Wolfe’s ass, we all know who is getting fucked; Miles fucked
Wolfe silly on the white couch and they both loved it. Next we find Seth Santoro and Jay Landford naked and making out,
with Landford playing with Santoro’s butt. Want to put money on who’s getting fucked? No time is wasted with guys getting
erections because they come ready to work and it’s why Santoro starts sucking Landford’s dick. We are back on the white
couch and, this time, erect Adam Thicke and Ziggy Banks are the guys playing. Banks wants Thicke’s dick up his ass and he
gets it. This scene starts with Giovanni Valentino and Tegan Zayne and for the first time in this movie, a performer is not hard
and that performer is Tegan Zayne so, for punishment, Valentino will face-fuck you and then pound your ass with his hard
cock (okay, it’s not punishment). Last, but not least, we have Hans Berlin and Spencer Whitman taking turns fucking Sean
Knight’s face and ass and then the always horny and versatile Hans Berlin gets an itch and wants the guys to fuck him now.
If you like your guys hot and horny, this movie will get you off.

  3.8 Stars!