2015. NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Mickey Taylor, Killian James, Rocco Steele, JD Phoenix, Chris Harder, JP Dubois, Alex Killborn and Jacob St. Ladder

    This movie starts with Chris Harder sucking on Alex Killborn's dick and getting Killborn's ass ready for plowing. Harder
has an amazing ass and it's wonderful to watch while he's fucking Killborn. Next thing you know they stop and Killborn starts
munching on Harder's ass and I am shocked to say Killborn starts fucking Harder (it looks like he has done this before!). Ever
have a fantasy about getting with a rock singer? Well if he looks like Mickey Taylor you would, and even more so when you see
him eat Jacob St. Ladder's ass... it's just music. There must be something in the water with this movie because they now flip and
it's St. Ladder fucking Taylor. Next we have JP Dubois who thinks he is nothing but a hole and wants to be used. Killian James
is the man to use it. After a truly amazing ass eating session (if Killian comes to your town I would say order in), he then starts
with different toys before he fucks Dubios. Last but not least, JD Phoenix is late and Rocco Steele does not like his boy being late
so his dick is out and hard. This scene is a little rough and kinky, but to no one's surprise it's Steele doing the fucking.

 3.85 Stars!