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Sexflix and Chill
2016. FALCON

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Ryan Rose, Sebastian Kross, JJ Knight, Jacob Peterson, Brenner Bolton, Scott Demarco, Carter Dane and
Jack Hunter

    Ryan Rose is online searching for dick and he finds Carter Dane. Twenty minutes later Dane is ringing Rose's bell. Once
in the door no words are said... they both like and get started on getting each other naked. Dane is the first to go down on
Rose, and when it's time for Rose to work it's some amazing ass eating on the amazing Dane ass! After the amazing ass eating,
don't be shocked when Dane needs a dick to sit on.... a better word would be bounce! Next we have Jacob Peterson in bed
watching porn wacking off with his friend Scott Demarco (who is sleeping but has a hot bouncing erection). Well Peterson
is horny and decides to wake up his friend by sucking on his dick. He likes it so much he fucks Peterson (did not see that
coming!). Our next couple is Jack Hunter (2016 Grabby winner for Best New Comer) and Brenner Bolton who is lucky
enough to suck on some big Hunter dick! The friendly Carter Dane is now hanging out in his undies with sexy Sebastian
Kross watching porn and there's no surprise where this is going to lead. The real hot part is Dane has an amazing ass and
Kross is one of the best ass eaters in porn, so this scene is hot!!! Last we have JJ Knight (2016 Grabby winner for Hottest
Cock) having a webcam session. Brenner Bolton is in the house and decides he needs to suck on some big Knight dick.
After Knight eats on Bolton's ass, he has the guts to sit on the big Knight dick! I have to say that this movie really felt like
an old school Falcon movie... the only thing missing was some white Calvin Klein undies.

 3.9 Stars!