Sex Pad


Sex Pad
2015 Falcon

Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Dorian Ferro, Ryan Rose, Austin Wolf, Colt Rivers, Nicoli Cole, Tom Faulk

    Austin Wolf is the first one to have the key to the Sex Pad and he brings his very eager co-worker Nicoli Cole with so
they can get naked. Wolf does some major chowing on Cole's ass and then some major dick pumping on that bouncy ass.
Cole inherits the key to the Sex Pad and this time he brings the always hard Ryan Rose back to play (it's record time before
Rose is eating some very juicy Cole butt). Now when it comes time for the fucking, all I could think is that there is a new
power bottom in town and his name is Nicoli Cole! Let's just say Rose had a blast with that ass. Well Rose is passed the key
and he brings Dorian Ferro back to the pad. Normally I would say Rose fucked the shit out of him, but his time I will say
Ferro road that dick like a pro. It's Ferro's turn with the key and he brings Colt Rivers back for some fun and all they do
is suck on each other. Now it's time for Rivers to bring the very sexy long haired Tom Faulk to the pad and get naked. After
watching Faulk fuck Rivers, all you will think is where is Tom Faulk because I want to go to the Sex Pad!
 3.8 Stars!