Seven Dixon  Photos Courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios

Tom Olah:  How did you first get into porn?
Seven Dixon:  Well I went onto AOL at about 10 and proceeded to jerk off for about 22 years! I got into it real good...Ok! Actually, I'm just a big show off.  
T.O:  What was it like the first time you had sex when a camera was involved?
S.D:  When I was 17, and my boyfriend at the time was a cop. I loved making videos of us very chance and everywhere I could. The first time professionally was with Raging Stallion's, Open Road Part 1.
T.O:  Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
S.D:  I was 12 and it was with a girl. I can't lie, I always liked women too. But that 'tapered off', if you will, at about 27.  
T.O:  Lets talk about your very fine ass, is it natural or do you need to work out hard to make it so hot?
S.D:  GGGA - Good God Given ass! But I certainly put my extra sweat into a squat or two.   
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
S.D:  I like men's underwear a lot! I wear tight whites or nothing, which I also love for all the freeeee ballin' reasons.
T.O:  How many movies have you filmed so far?
S.D:  So far I have filmed 4, all with Raging Stallion to date.
T.O:  Who is your fantasy porn star that you wanna get naked with?
S.D:  Francois Sagat. I'd like to pull him back into porn and watch him peel his pants off ASAP.  

T.O:  Does your family know about your porn career?
S.D:  I have no room for secrets anymore. I love my family more than anything and I'm truly grateful I have a family that loves me no matter what. That'd be a yes!
T.O:  What did your friends say when they heard about your porn career?
S.D:  Usually "let me see" and "are you topping or getting nailed?"
T.O:  Do you think your friends will watch your movies?
S.D:  Some have and that response has been pretty cool. A few really close friends are my brothers and if they do, they won't be telling me.  
T.O:  In your movie Open Road by Raging Stallion, you pick up a hitch hiker. Have you ever picked up a real hitch hiker?
S.D:  I haven't, but that film definitely made me want to keep the Dodge Charger and give it a good go.  
T.O:  What movies can we look forward to seeing you in?
S.D:  I’m in the next Hard Friction release called, Man Power out in January, the next Monster Bang called Into Darknessdue to release in March and a yet-to-be-titled Hard Friction that will come out in March too.
T.O:  Have you ever gone out with a fan?
S.D:  I haven't yet to date. However, my first film just came out on Nov. 23rd, so we'll see who's out there.
T.O:  Best way for your Chicago fans can keep up with all things Seven?
S.D:  I like rolling out photos and updates on Twitter and Facebook, mostly @SevenDixon and thankfully at

This article ran in the January 14, 2014 Issue of GRAB Magazine.