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Tom Olah:  How did you first get into gay porn?
Seth Treston:  My husband Billy Santoro was doing Skype interviews with studios and Lucas Entertainment saw me walking around in the background and asked me to audition. I did, and they asked both of us to schedule shoots with them.
T.O:  The first person you had sex with, was it a boy or a girl?S.T:  A man! I was 19 and had never had anything up my ass before. He had a Prince Albert piercing, 9inches and we ended up dating for 4 months.
T.O:  And the first person you had sex with that a camera was involved?
S.T:  It was a random hookup and we used my camera phone to record the whole thing.
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
S.T:  Both. I wear boxers to sleep and briefs for my daytime activities. I don't like wearing boxers whenI’m doing things because I don't feel like my junk is secure.
T.O:  What was your first day on a porn set like?
S.T:  Nerve wracking! I was completely self-conscious the whole time and focusing so hard on trying to sell it. I woke up at the crack of dawn to make sure I was groomed, and did my stretches with a dildo. On the set I was wondering if I was presenting the right angles and body postures, worried if my partner was going to be turned off, and most of all worried that I had douched thoroughly enough…bottoming takes so much preparation! But everyone on set was very encouraging and gave me helpful tips. In the end it was quick and done before I knew it.

T.O:  How many films have you made so far?
S.T:  Four scenes, two of which have yet to be released. The first was an office scene with Valentin Petrov, a hot Russian stud with a big uncut cock. I acted as his intern and we fucked on his desk. My husband Billy Santoro and I filmed the first bareback scene. It was very intimate and put our personal sex life on display for the whole world. I'm very proud of the finished product. Adam Killian did an amazing job directing us and filming it. Stay tuned for the next couple of scenes with Johnny Hazzard and Rafael Alencar.

T.O:  Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to get naked with?
S.T:  I have a list. (Laughing) I named Rafael Alencar first and Lucas Entertainment made that happen. I was star-struck the whole shoot. The next guy on my list would be Kris Evans from Bel Ami…but I don't know if that will ever happen.

T.O:  So does your family know about your porn career?
S.T:  I have no idea. I haven't told them. I don't think they would be as understanding as well as other porn stars' parents.
T.O:  What did your friends say when they first heard you were doing porn?
S.T:  I had mixed reactions, concern and support. Most didn't think that working in the adult entertainment industry counted as a real job. Now they see I'm happy and content, and know I'm still finishing my degree and taking care of myself.

T.O:  Do you think your friends are watching your movies?
S.T:  I don't think any of my friends have seen them. I'd blush if they told me.
T.O:  Since you are now a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive, what can we look forward seeing you in?
S.T:  My next two scenes are with Johnny Hazzard and Rafael Alencar. Expect
me to be in a variety of porn genres in the future!
T.O:  Have you ever gone out with a fan?
S.T:  I have yet to meet a fan in person.

T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with you?
S.T:  Twitter! Facebook is full of prudes so I can't keep my page up there. It got reported. Twitter is easy and a really useful tool to stay in touch and update everyone.

T.O:  Best way to see your movies?
S.T:  Best way? When you're horny. ;)  Go to, and sign up!  Your membership gives you access to all their site genres and on- demand products. Thousands of hot scenes aside from mine.

This article ran in the October 22, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.