Service Me


Service Me
2018. Falcon
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Skyy Knox, Johnny V, JJ Knight, Tyler Roberts, Pierce Paris, Casey Jacks, Brett Dlyan, Alex Mecum,
Sean Maygers and Wesley Woods

   When Brett Dylan needs help assembling some new furniture, he calls Alex Mecum. (Does IKEA have this service?) Let’s
start by saying Alex Mecum in a tool belt is hot and Dylan likes a strong man and I will say it: Mecum is easy because he has
his dick out in record time for Dylan to suck. It’s no shock when Mecum fucks Dylan but all I could think of was, does Dylan
have to tip more? Next we find Casey Jacks who calls repairman JJ Knight because of the big black dildo stuck in his
dishwasher. Once Knight finds the dildo, I think that it’s code for Knight getting some Jacks’ ass. When the guys get on the
marble countertops, all I could think was, doesn’t that hurt your knees? But if you are Jacks and can handle Knight’s big
dick, you must be okay. Next we meet sweaty UPS man Tyler Roberts who has a package for Johnny V. I would think he
would want a glass of water but a blowjob from Johnny V also works. Now we find Pierce Paris at the tanning salon and he
is naked (and half hard) putting on lotion when Brett Dylan comes in to help and rubs all the lotion all over his back. In the
tanning world, you do know the lotion rubbing does lead to dick sucking. When we go to Skyy Knox’s house, we find out he
has a hot pool boy named Sean Maygers and he likes him. Maygers and Knox go inside to get naked and have Knox suck
some dick and sit on Maygers’ dick, which is just hot. Wesley Woods has to call Pierce Paris for help setting up his new TV.
If you know Wesley Woods, it’s no shock when he starts sucking on some Paris dick. Once the guys are naked, Wesley’s legs
are in the air and Paris is munching on some ass and then fucking it. If you ever had the hots for the pool guy or UPS man,
this movie is for you.

  3.9 Stars!