2014 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Mike de Marko, Kieron Ryan, Trenton Ducati, JR Bronson, Brock Avery, Alessandro Del Toro, Adam Russo
and Billy Santoro
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Ever have sex in the woods or at least picked up a stranger? Well Mike Demarko and Alessando Del Toro have! You will be
impressed when Del Toro goes down on de Marko's big cock (thank god they had a beer first). After eating de Marko's ass
(I liked it), it was Del Toro doing the fucking and as de Marko said "fuck yeah" he liked it. Once getting fucked silly by Del
Toro, de Marko is having a beer while naked on the picnic table he was just fucked on when he is joined by Trenton Ducati
who happens to be a cop (it's illegal to get naked in most woods). But lucky for de Marko, Ducati likes dick and de Marko gets
hard fast. The good cop that Ducati is, he goes down on de Marko in no time. What I found very hot was de Marko getting
fucked by Ducati in the middle of the road. The problem? Ducati is a bad cop and still takes de Marko to jail. Well it's time to
interrogate and at the jail Ducati is joined by lawyer Billy Santoro. Of course Ducati is sucking his cock in no time and the tramp
de Marko (who is still handcuffed) can look and not touch the naked Santoro and Ducati. I really thought it was torture when
Santoro starts fucking Ducati and all de Marko could do was watch (LOL). To make de Marko a little bit hotter, they flip and it's
Santoro's turn to get fucked by Ducati. Well they finally unhandcuff de Marko and he handcuffs Ducati and Santoro together and
escapes. Out at a ranch, Adam Russo and Brock Avery take a break from their chores to get naked and are joined by JR Bronson
and Kieron Ryan. They are all fucking when the escaped convict tramp Mike de Marko shows up to watch a very hot group scene
(and a front runner for best group at the 2015 Grabbys). If you like hot manly men having out door sex (fun part is that it was only
30 degrees when this was filmed) this movie is for you!
 3.98 Stars!