Directed by Tony DiMarco and Bruno Bond
Starring:  Aaron Blake, Charlie Harding, Spencer Fox, Dylan Roberts, Tanner Wayne, Johnny Ryder and D.O.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

This movie starts with the long legged and big dicked Spencer Fox and Calvin Koons (OMG a Falcon movie where the actor
doesn't have underwear's a world gone mad) getting naked. After some dick sucking and ass eating by both performers,
we all know what it means when a Fox finger goes in Koons' butt...Koons is getting fucked big time. Next up we have photographer
Charlie Harding taking pic's of Dylan Roberts who happens to be in his underwear. After Harding directs Roberts to show more
of his ass naked, Harding has to go in for a close up and this leads to some major ass eating on Harding's part. What seems like
forever of Harding eating ass and sucking Robert's dick, we finally see Harding naked and the manly man is worth the wait.
Roberts thinks so to because he goes down on that dick and then sits on it! So when we get to D.O. and the innocent looking Aaron
Blake, I thought I was going to die why Blake is texting a friend saying he is sitting next to this hot daddy!?! It's a world gone mad!
I guess you can call D.O daddy after eats eats your ass like that and then fucks you silly.
 3.8 Stars!