Secrets & Lies


Secrets & Lies
2016. NakedSword
Directed by mr. Pam
Starring: Colton Grey, Jacob Peterson, Rocco Steele, Trenton Ducati, Brandon Wilde and Brian Bonds

   We're out on the farm where we have Rocco Steele and Trenton Ducati as the daddies, Colton Grey and Jacob Peterson
are the sons, with Brandon Wilde and Brian Bonds as the hired help. Unfortunately, the tractor is broken so the guys have
to shovel and hoe by hand, which means they get all hot and sweaty. Back in the barn the mean daddy Trenton Ducati says
they will be trouble with the workers if there is not an improvement in the crop production... and there will be a price to
pay... which means Ducati wants Wilde and Bonds to start be sucking his dick! Well that leads to Ducati fucking his farmhands
with a broom handle, and eventually Ducati personally fucks both the guys. The only problem is that his son (Peterson) forgot
something in the barn. When he goes out he finds his straight daddy fucking the hired help! The next day Peterson is upset
about what he saw, so him and Grey go to talk privately. After Peterson says it was unnatural what he saw, it's up to his now
kissing cousin Grey to change his mind by getting him naked and sucking on his dick. Well dick sucking leads to ass eating
(they both take turns) and I bet they flipped a coin to see goes first. Peterson was the first to fuck, but don't worry, Grey got
his turn on Peterson's ass! Now there's a problem because daddy Ducati sees the guys fucking at a distance and I don't think
he likes it. Later that night after dinner people start playing their cards, Grey thinks Uncle Fredrick (Ducati) should fuck
him... and he does over the kitchen sink. Daddy Rocco Steele accidentally see's his brother-in-law fucking his son and does
not like it. After telling Ducati off and popping him in the face, Steele goes to find Peterson to find out why he fucked his son.
The reason? He really wanted daddy Steele... and he gets him. If you like some incest with your porn, this movie is for you.

 3.95 Stars!